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August 07, 2023


7th Translational Research Conference



October 20-22, 2023

Estoril, Portugal





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About the Conference:

ESH Translational Research Conferences focus on leading-edge basic, clinical and therapeutic research and future perspectives.
The presentation of unpublished data is encouraged.

This leading-edge translational research conference will address the rapidly evolving field of lymphoid malignancies, including T- and B-cell lymphomas, and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), from molecular pathogenesis to state-of-the-art treatment and future perspectives.
The goals of this conference are to:
- foster scientific exchange between laboratory scientists and clinicians working on lymphoid malignancies worldwide.
- foster scientific cross-fertilization between researchers and clinicians working on different diseases with partially overlapping pathogenic mechanisms such as the B cell receptor signaling, alterations of the DNA damage response, or the increasingly important dialogue of lymphoid tumour cells with their microenvironment.
- provide opportunities for leading-edge education and international networking to basic and clinical scientists, including those still in-training

A first-class selection of international speakers will guarantee the highest quality of science and a summary of the most recent developments in the biology and therapy of Lymphoid Malignancies.






- Biology of diffuse large B cell lymphoma subtypes II
- Novel molecular lymphoma subtypes
- Epigenetic and genetic regulation of clonal lymphoma evolution
- Lymphoma cell interactions in the tumor microenvironment
- Monoclonal antibodies & non-cellular immune therapies
- Cellular immune therapies
- Small molecular pathway inhibitors
- Combination therapies
- Use of CT DNA for diagnostic and therapeutic monitoring




- Current developments in the field of molecular pathogenesis of indolent
and aggressive B-cell lymphoma including CLL
- Current developments in the field of the molecular pathogenesis of T-cell lymphoma
- Prognostic and predictive markers and their impact in specific clinical situations


The programme will include:

Plenary Sessions - Simultaneous Meet the Experts Sessions
Round Table Discussions - Brief Oral Communications
Mentored Poster Walk - Ample time for in-depth discussion



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