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Application procedures to organize an ESH Training Course or an ESH International Conference

Note:  Please note that separate calls will be made for the ESH-EBMT Training Course on Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and ESH-EHA Scientific Workshops and Tutorials.

Guiding principles:



  1. Interested clinicians and scientists are welcome to apply to chair and to develop the scientific programme of an ESH International Conference or an ESH Training Course.
  2. Applicants are expected to join the ESH Virtual Network before applying to organise an activity.
  3. There is no cost application fee involved.
  4. ESH International Conferences and Training Courses are CME accredited by the European Haematology CME System.


a) ESH International Conferences

  1. High-level scientific meetings that cover topics in either or both clinical and/or basic science
  2. They generally begin on a Friday afternoon and end on the following Sunday before lunch.

Chairpersons are free to structure their programme as they feel is best. However, it may be helpful to know that the following have worked well in the context of international conferences:

Types of sessions for the programme:

Click here to see the guidelines

b) ESH International Training Courses

  1. Have a more educational focus than International Conferences
  2. Are full immersion three-day meetings.

Chairpersons are free to structure their programme as they feel is best. However, it may be helpful to know that the following have worked well in the context of international conferences:

Types of sessions for the programme:

Click here to see the guidelines

c) ESH Clinical Updates

Objectives : establish an interaction between the speakers and participants.

These meetings include :

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  1. In developing your programme, chairpersons are expected to keep in mind that all ESH International Conference/Training Courses must be scientifically relevant and financially viable.
  2. Each project should have a maximum of 2 or 3 chairpersons.
  3. There should be a maximum of 25 speakers.
  4. ESH International conferences and training courses are interactive and plenty of time must be allocated for discussion.
  5. For budgetary reasons ESH will only cover the travel for a maximum of 4 non-European speakers.
  6. Speakers are expected to be onsite throughout the meeting.
  7. Speakers and co-chairs should be informed that a teaching manual will be distributed to the participants and that they will be expected to contribute a 2-3-page summary of their lecture accompanied by a list of references to guide further reading.
  8. Promotional and fundraising activities should begin 12 months before the meeting begins. Chairs must be actively involved in fundraising from the start.



  1. The application procedure involves two-steps involving a Pre-Call and a Call for applications
  2. The ESH Scientific Committee will carry out a pre-screening and selected organizers will be asked to develop a full application.
  3. Applicants whose pre-call application is not selected may modify their application and re-apply.



a) The following information is required for a pre-call application to be considered. (Note: only complete applications will be considered.)

  1. Full name and contact information of the chair.
  2. Suggested list of 2-3 co-chairs and their contact information (if applicable).
  3. List of potential speakers (NOT officially invited).
  4. Indicate type of event: training course or conference.
  5. The proposed topic of the international conference or training course
  6. A list of session topics.
  7. A description of the proposed international conference or training course objectives, the targeted audience, and an overview of what the participants stand to learn
  8. List of other educational events the chairs have organised.
  9. Proposed host city (Note: ESH may elect to choose an alternative venue, if you would like to suggest a venue, please see list of requirements in Annex)
  10. Preferred Dates: (Note: chairs are expected to ensure that no other major meetings covering similar topics coincide with the meeting they would like to organise and to inform ESH of other potentially conflicting events held).
  11. A list of potential sponsors.


In addition to the pre-call requirements, applicants invited to make a full application are to provide the following items. Only complete applications will be considered.

  1. An elaborated preliminary programme.
  2. A list of speakers who have tentatively accepted to participate pending ESH Scientific Committee approval.
  3. A fully developed list of potential providers of funding. The chairs may chose to either send a list of contacts to ESH with email addresses or contact the providers themselves putting ESH in copy.
  4. A list of five learning objectives.


Should you require more information please refer to:

Didi Jasmin  – Executive Director
European School of Haematology
IUH – Centre Hayem – Hôpital Saint-Louis,
1 avenue Claude Vellefaux,
75475 Paris Cedex 10, France

Please dowload the application form here and send it to the above noted address. ESH APPLICATION to organise ESH TC an IC