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Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak and the confinement measures, the ESH team is working from home. Please do not use the office phone numbers, you can contact us by email.

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ESH is a not for profit institution for continuing education founded in 1986 by Professor Michel Boiron. For the past 25 years, its mission has been to promote and facilitate access to state of the art and cutting-edge knowledge in haematology and related disciplines.

ESH is currently presided over by Professor Hervé Dombret (Paris). Along with Professor Michael Hallek (Cologne), chair of the ESH Scientific Committee, a group of over 30 of Europe’s leading haematologists sit on the School’s Executive and Scientific Committees.

ESH welcomes all enquiries regarding its activities past, present, and future so please do not hesitate to contact us

ESH is located in the historic Saint-Louis University Hospital in Paris.
The address is:

European School of Haematology (ESH)
Institut de Recherche Saint-Louis
Hôpital Saint-Louis
1 avenue Claude Vellefaux
75010 Paris, France




Office Manager and Head of Conference Unit: Ghyslaine Lebougault
Email: ghyslaine.lebougault(at)
Telephone: + 33(0)1 57 27 67 39

Ghyslaine has been working at ESH since “the very beginning”. With over 29 years of conference management and coordination, she no longer needs a checklist. She enjoys training new staff and is always there for her colleagues whenever they need advice. In close collaboration with the Executive Director, Ghyslaine makes sure that the team reaches its objectives on time and according to budget with smiles on their faces. In her spare time, she enjoys her life in the French countryside where she lives with her 19 year old daughter and a dog. She has a passion for the French revolution and in particular Maximilien Robespierre.

Conference Unit:

Senior Meeting Coordinator: Camille Frank
Email: camille.frank(at)
Telephone: + 33(0)1 57 27 68 43

Camille completed a business degree from ESCP Europe. She lived in London and in Berlin. Camille plays both volleyball and tennis in her spare time.

Meeting Coordinator: Maude Brunet-Lecomte
Email: maude.brunet-lecomte(at)
Telephone: + 33(0)1 57 27 68 44

Maude graduated in communication marketing; she speaks French, English and Spanish. She lives in Paris, she enjoys travelling and learning about other cultures. She lived in Mexico for a year and loves this country.

Meeting Coordinator: Oriane Rosedel
Email: oriane.rosedel(at)
Telephone: + 33(0)1 57 27 68 30

Oriane graduated in international management ; she speaks French, English and Spanish. She’s from Switzerland and recently moved to Paris. She always been passionate about nature, travels and photography and has a strong interest for eating – because this is life. She would like to continue travel all over the world to discover new cultures and capture new landscapes. During her free–time, she enjoys doing sports but most importantly, she is a huge supporter of the Paris Saint Germain football team (even if it’s really hard sometimes…).


E-Dissemination/E-Learning Unit:

Head of Unit: Clotilde Magistry
Email: clotilde.magistry(at)
Telephone: + 33(0)1 57 27 68 33



Accountant: Davina Schlumberger
Email: davina.schlumberger(at)
Telephone: + 33(0)1 57 27 68 41

Davina bachelor in accounting, she is polyglot (English, French, Hindi, Creole), she lives in Paris. She loves Gastronomique Food and restaurant, she is a Globetrotter, and during her free time she likes sports and going out watching movies.