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European School of Haematology (ESH)

The European School of Haematology (ESH) is a not-for-profit institution for the dissemination of information and lifelong learning founded in 1985 to promote and facilitate access to state-of-the-art and cutting-edge knowledge in haematology and related disciplines at the European level. ESH Conferences present state-of-the-art science and insight into new developments in the fields of basic, clinical and therapeutic research in Haematology.

ESH feels that the current strongest unmet educational need amongst haematologists is access to interaction and critical discussion with international experts in order to facilitate the processing of scientific information. ESH conferences are therefore designed to promote informal interaction and ample discussion. They are:

• Intensive 2,5 -3 day conferences on one specific theme
• Open to the fully trained and those still in-training
• 200-500 participants
• Programme scope: from basic science to clinical and therapeutic applications and perspectives
• Ample time allocated to discussion
• Simultaneous Thematic Meet the Expert meetings, Controversial debates, Workshops, Poster sessions, Clinical case study sessions.

ESH also produces freely accessible training tools including interactive handbooks, thematic currical and conference webcasts :


The ESH website welcomes over 35 000 unique visitors each year.

At the time it was founded, ESH was the only institution of its kind in the world. Since then, a number of other medical disciplines have adopted a similar model. But ESH remains unique in the field of haematology. The experience of the School clearly demonstrates how an institution for continuing medical education can promote communication among scientists at the pan-European level, catalyse the creation of new trans-European basic and clinical research networks, and contribute to the education and integration of younger scientists in the active European scientific community. International experts in the field produce ESH tools for continuing education. They are available to scientists and clinicians free of charge and are used throughout the world to train haematologists.


European School of Haematology



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