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April 14, 2022

2nd Translational Research Conference


Focus on Advanced Gene-Engineered Immune Cells


September 12-14, 2022

Berlin, Germany




Abstracts are eligible to be selected for an oral or a poster presentation.



About the Conference:

The ESH 2nd TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH E-CONFERENCE: IMMUNE & CELLULAR THERAPIES proposes a programme of leading-edge basic and clinical science, as well as opportunities for informal scientific interaction with a panel of global experts in the field.

It is open to an international audience of biologists and clinicians, including those still in-training. This translational research conference will bring together biologists and clinicians with an interest in immune & cellular therapies with a focus on advanced gene-engineered immune cells. New data will be presented and spirited debates on how to best to apply these insights to the future of immune & cellular therapies are expected.

• Status of pre-clinical and clinical development of CAR-T cell therapy
• Gene editing applied to engineered immune cell therapy
• Engineered immune cell therapy: Beyond T-cells
• Engineered immune cell therapy: Beyond CARs
• Synthetic biology in engineered immune cell therapy
• Engineered immune cell therapy: B-cell tumors and beyond
• Going universal with engineered immune cells
• Overcoming T-cell exhaustion and the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment
• Imaging engineered immune cells at the receptor, cell and organism level

The programme will include:
• Plenary Sessions
• Panel Discussions
• Simultaneous Meet the Expert Sessions
• Poster Walks
• Brief Oral Communications

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