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July 05, 2011


ESH considers itself a profoundly European association. Its activities federate European specialists, encourage mobility and contribute to ensure the highest quality standards in continuous professional development. ESH programmes promote formal, informal, direct, and indirect life-long learning, and the concept of blended learning pathways that allow specialists to improve and update their knowledge through a combination of live conferences and distance education tools.

The School is currently a partner in several European Commission funded projects and has been partly funded by the commission over the past twenty years.


ESH’s education platforms are accessible to specialists at all stages of their careers. The platforms federate the specialty of haematology and those working in this growing field whether in the laboratory, clinical or university setting and fully trained or in training. By attending live events, specialists are provided with ample time to learn, discuss and share their experience with world-class leaders and their peers living in other parts of the Europe.


ESH is convinced that improving and facilitating mobility will benefit specialists and their patients. By providing educational grants to allow specialist to attend ESH conferences, by holding the highest quality events throughout Europe, and by offering distance training and education, ESH ensures that all specialists regardless of their geographic location, financial or physical restraints, or obligations have access to state-of-the art training and education.


ESH programmes are of the highest scientific and educational quality. ESH ensures quality by peer-review and ongoing evaluation by participants and users.  The peer review process begins when programmes are proposed to the ESH Scientific Committee. Organizers and editors who propose a programme must adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure that it is of scientific, clinical and educational relevance and free of commercial bias. ESH continuously elicits comments and feedback from those who attend ESH activities or use our educational tools. The results of this feedback are taken into account to improve the quality of our programmes and to respond to current and prospective needs. To contribute to avoid commercial bias, all faculty and chairpersons are required to complete and sign disclosure forms that are made available to participants and users. As a provider of the European Hematology CME System, ESH live events are accredited.

(Didi Jasmin, ESH Executive Director)