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1st Translational Research Conference: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

1st Translational Research Conference: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia
November 16 - November 19, 2020 - , Online Conference
Chairs : Jennifer Brown, Paolo Ghia, Michael Hallek


1st Translational Research Conference 
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia


New Dates: November 16-19, 2020

Chairpersons: Jennifer Brown, Paolo Ghia, Michael Hallek


The ESH Translational Research Conference on CLL will be held virtually, as an E-Conference. The meeting’s chairpersons have brought together an exceptional international faculty with an exciting scientific programme and many opportunities for live interaction. 

Registration in the virtual event is offered at a reduced fee as a gesture of friendship and solidarity towards the CLL community of biologists and clinicians.

A few words about the meeting’s organization:                                                      
ESH CLL E-Conference faculty and participants will be joining the meeting from all over the world. To reconcile different time zones, there will be a LIVE Programme with a Central European Time (CET) schedule and a recorded Programme On Demand:

The LIVE program will enable you to view the oral presentations and participate actively in the live discussions, Meet the Expert sessions and Poster Walks. Registration in the Meet the Expert sessions will give you the opportunity to exchange freely with world authorities in a closed environment intended for a maximum of 25 people.
If your abstract was selected for a brief oral communication or a poster presentation during the live conference, you can expect to hear from us to plan for your presentation in the E-Conference, provided that you reconfirm your participation.
The recorded Programme on Demand will grow progressively throughout the meeting allowing you to view the sessions you may have missed and to revisit those that interest you the most.
The ESH E-Conference platform is user-friendly and technically secure and robust. It has been selected to meet our objectives in terms of sharing scientific data and education, and to contribute to keep the international CLL community together during this challenging period.

We hope that you will be interested in joining us for this ESH E-Conference on Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia.
In the meantime Stay Safe!

Kind regards,

The ESH Team



The 1st ESH TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH CONFERENCE ON CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKAEMIA proposes a programme of leading-edge basic and clinical science, as well as opportunities for informal scientific interaction with a panel of global experts in the field.  It is open to an international audience of biologists and clinicians, including those still in-training. 

This translational research conference will explore the most recent advances in the understanding of the pathogenesis and clinical behaviour of the disease.  New data will be presented and spirited debates on how to best to apply these insights to the future of CLL therapy are expected.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understand recent advances in elucidating the pathogenesis of CLL
  • Describe recent data on therapeutic regimens for CLL
  • Understand emerging data on mechanisms of resistance to targeted agents in CLL
  • Understand the debate about how best to optimize CLL therapy in the future

Emphasis will be placed on critical discussion, including in small groups. Further to the plenary sessions, the programme includes informal thematic break-out sessions and mentored poster walks.  


Click HERE to access the updated scientific programme.    

Abstract submission



Abstracts guidelines:
– Your abstract has to be structured (eg Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions)
– Maximum number of words: 400
– Your abstract will be submitted to the peer review procedure.

The following file types may be uploaded: HTML document (*.htm), HTML document (*.html), JPEG image (*.jpg), GIF image (*.gif), or PNG image (*.png).






 Conference moving online: click here to accecc the E-Conference platform.


Corporate partners

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*ESH conference programmes are developed in strict scientific independence
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ESH Scholarship Fund is a multi-sponsored project designed to support access to new biological and clinical data in the context of lifelong learning in Haematology.
– ESH independently ensures all scientific peer review and selection procedures.
– ESH is also independently responsible for all administrative aspects of the Fund. 

Scholarships covering the registration fee are available for this conference.
You are eligible to apply if you are:
– a biologist or a clinician fully-trained, with a maximum of six-years professional experience since your first junior faculty appointment
– a biologist or a clinician still in-training  

Click here for more information and to download the Application form.
Deadline for applications: January 20, 2020

For more information Please contact:



Educational Grants

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towards this independent programme.





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The registration fee for the “1st Translational Research E-Conference: Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia” is:
– Fully trained: 80€
– In-training: 50€
– Allied Health Professionals: 50€
– Corporate: 150€

A proof will be requested to confirm your status.

This fee includes:
Access to the on demand programme from November 5th till November 29, 2020
Access to the live programme
Access to the Conference E-Book from November 16 till November 29, 2020
Access to the E-Poster Area from November 5th till November 29, 2020
Access to the E-Poster Walk session

Your access to the conference will be definitively confirmed upon receipt of your fee.


MEET THE EXPERT SESSIONS registration will open closer to the E-CONFERENCE (extra fee of 20€ per session). 

How to proceed :
Please make sure that your Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome…) is up-to-date. Using an old version may prevent you from visualising the full website content.

Cancellation policy of registration fee :
In case of cancellation, up until 3 months prior to the beginning of the meeting, your registration fee will be reimbursed in full (less bank charges). If the cancellation is notified after this delay your registration to the meeting will not be reimbursed. 



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