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ESH-EBMT 19th Training Course on Haemopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation

Chairs: Jane Apperley, Enric Carreras, Eliane Gluckman, Tamas Masszi
Local organizer: Montserrat Rovira



Stem cells in haematology – M.C. Le Bousse-Kerdiles
The stem cell product (collection, processing and delivery) –  C. Chabannon

Keynote lecture
The role of endothelium in GvHDO. Penack


Principles of HLA for clinicians – A. Madrigal
The donor search: the best donor – C. Chabannon
The donor search: the best cord blood unit – E. Gluckman
Bone marrow vs peripheral blood (pros and cons) – M. Mohty
Haplo T-cell depleted – P. Bader
Cord blood transplantation (modalities and results) – E. Gluckman
Haplo non-T-cell depleted – A. Ruggeri
 Conditioning (RIC vs MAC) – A. Ruggeri


Supportive care – T. Masszi
Early complicationsE. Carreras
Late complications – A. Tichelli
Bacterial infections – E. Carreras
Fungal infections – J.P. Donnelly
Viral infections – M. Rovira

Clinical results & cases (I):
Acute myeloid leukaemia – M. Mohty
Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (children and adults) – P. Bader
Clinical cases – T. Masszi, M. Rovira

Clinical results & cases (I):
Myelodysplastic syndromesM. Mohty (presented by J. Apperley)
CLL and indolent lymphomasS. Montoto
Aplastic anaemia / FanconiA. Tichelli
Multiple myelomaM. Rovira
Hodgkin lymphomaC. Martinez
Aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomaH. Schouten
Statistics (I) – R. Szydlo
Statistics (II)M. Labopin


Immune reconstitution / Tolerance – F. Dazzi
Prevention and treatment of relapse after SCT – F. Dazzi
Acute GvHD –  H. Greinix
Chronic GvHD – H. Greinix


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