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International Conference on « Practical Problems » in Diagnosis and Management of MDS and MDS/MPN

January 08, 2015

Programme objectives and format:

The objective of the course is to train in the clinical management of these diseases, based on real clinical cases. It is also to promote informal scientific exchange with international experts working in the field.

All sessions, except the last one, will be based on clinical cases and animated by faculty members who will put forward different or complementary positions, in the format of a debate.

The cases will be discussed according to a set of pre-established questions. These questions will be extended during interactive discussions involving the faculty members and the meeting participants. Ample time will be reserved for general discussion.


Registered participants are strongly encouraged to submit clinical cases for review. Selected cases will be presented and discussed during the meeting.

The program will include:

• Plenary clinical cases study sessions presented by faculty members and, in some cases, by delegates

• Brief reviews presented by faculty members around the diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic issues raised by these cases.