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WCB III Rome, Italy

November 09, 2011

World Cord Blood Congress III: Cord Blood Transplantation and Immunology of Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
ESH / Eurocord / President: E. Gluckman ; Local Organizers: W. Arcese, F. Locatelli, P. Rebulla
EBMT Immunobiology Working Party: A. Madrigal, A. Toubert, A. Velardi; Netcord: E. Baudoux, C. Navarrete

The third World Cord Blood Congress was held in Rome, Italy this year welcoming over three hundred participants from 42 countries accross the globe. A world-class faculty led by Professor Eliane Gluckman led three days of presentations, discussions and debates.

Twenty-three years after the first cord blood transplant, six hundred thousand CB units are now available in public banks for unrelated transplants via internatioanal registries in over 150 cord blood banks. Participants learned that issues related to standardisation of selection criteria, accreditation of cord blood banks, new therapeutic uses for UCB, and the minimum threshold for cell dose are still very relevant.  As collection is often carried out many years before the cells are actually used in transplant, quality standards for not only collection but for storage, freezing, thawing and transportation are also of great importance as the number of haemaopoietic progenitor cells required to ensure engraftment it is very important.

In addition to measures for improving engraftment, new methods for selecting donors, the role of high resolution HLA typing, double cord units, and improving immune reconsitition were also discussed.