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ESH Updates in Clinical Hematology

September 30, 2011

ESH Updates in Clinical Hematology is a new series of intensive one and half day meetings that will focus on diagnosis and treatment of the haematology patient. The programmes will be both clinically and practically oriented to reflect the most recent state-of-the-art innovations in the field. World class speakers known for their expertise and teaching capacity will  provide in depth presentations on diagnosis and treatment to be followed by interactive discussions, clinical cases and controversies. Meeting participants will be provided with written lecture summaries, selected slide printouts,  and a list of references.

The first ESH Clinical Update scheduled for February 9-10, 2012 in Paris, France. It will focus on the diagnosis and treatment of AML, CML, MPN, MDS, paediatric and adult ALL,  SCT,  and CLL. The Scientific Committee includes Bob Löwenberg, Eliane Gluckman, Emili Montserrat, Eva Hellstrôm-Lindberg, Anthony Green and Andrea Biondi. FULL PROGRAMME