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Eurocord Ed Wrap Up Meeting

September 30, 2011

ESH was very pleased to host the Eurocord-Ed "Wrap-Up" Meeting held at the Insitut Universitaire d'Hématologie on Septebmber 12, 2011 All consortium members of the Eurocord-Ed project which include Eurocord, ESH, EBMT, EHA, Netcord, Inserm, cord blood banks from Athens, Barcelona, Liege, Lieden and Milan as well as PMEs: Alcimed, Biostor Ireland, and Macopharm have been working together over the past three years to develop an online curriculum in Cord Blood Technology, Banking and Clinical Applications ( As part of the wrap up of the project phase of Eurocord-Ed, the full consortium met in Paris. The meeting was chaired by Eliane Gluckman who in addition to her role as ESH President, represents Eurocord, the contracting organisation of Eurocord-Ed. She warmly welcomed participants and gave an overview of the meeting’s main objectives which were to discuss the need for a policy document, a way of dealing with IPR, a review of the administrative obligations, the preparation of the final report and the sustainability of Eurocord-Ed beyond the 36 month financing period.

The consortium reviewed the projects thirty-eight deliverables and agreed that with the exception of one major deliverable, the project had been completed on time and to budget. The last weeks of the project will be dedicated to preparing a document for policy recommendations. Willem Fibbe and Didi Jasmin are now busy working on a preliminary draft that will be submitted to the consortium for their comments and approval. The recommendations will be a key deliverable of the Eurocord-Ed project and will be published on the Eurocord-Ed website.

After reviewing instructions for reporting of costs and reminding members of the principle European Commission’s reporting rules and providing instructions on how to prepare the final report, the subject of sustainability of Eurocord-Ed was discussed.  All partners agreed that Eurocord-Ed should remain and develop into a state-of-the-art online resource for online training and education in umbilical cord blood technology. It was agreed that the CME accreditation would be an important avenue to explore.

The consortium members will meet in Rome on October at the ESH Eurocord Eurocord-Ed Netcord EBMT World Cord Blood Congress October 27-29, 2011 to table further options for continuing and expanding Eurocord-Ed in 2012. If you have questions about Eurocord-Ed, please send visit the Eurocord-Ed website or contact Eurocord-Ed directly by clicking here.