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#ESHMM2023 SAVE THE DATE: APRIL 14-16,2023

July 26, 2022

4th How to Diagnose and Treat



Save the date: April 14-16, 2023

Berlin, Germany



Stay tuned, the programme will soon be available!

About the Conference:

ESH How to Diagnose and Treat meetings are disease-specific meetings that address state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical management.

They are based on the presentation and analysis of real clinical cases. Voting technology is used as a self-evaluation tool and to increase scientific interaction.

Conference scientific topics:

• How I treat smoldering myeloma
• How I treat newly diagnosed multiple myeloma
• From risk stratification to risk-based therapy?
• Should we use MRD testing to determine therapy in multiple myeloma?
• Is there a future role of autologous stem cell transplantation?
• How I treat relapsed multiple myeloma
• The FDA/EMEA and Foundations perspective on multiple myeloma
• Should every patient receive daratumumab in first line?
• You can’t be immune for immune therapy anymore
• Other plasma cell dyscrasias
• The future of multiple myeloma


Upon completion of this CME activity, participants include:
• Update on the diagnosis and profiling of myeloma
• Upfront treatment of transplant eligible and non-eligible myeloma patients
• Treatment of relapsed myeloma patients
• Risk-adapted therapy
• Immune therapy
• Diagnosis and treatment of plasma cell dyscrasias other than multiple myeloma

The programme will include:
Plenary Sessions - Interactive Case Presentations
Roundtables - Panel Discussions -Debates
Poster Walks - Meet the Expert Sessions - Voting technology

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