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March 10, 2022

ESH 3rd How to Diagnose and Treat


March 10-13, 2022 - E-CONFERENCE




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Highlights of Day 1
14:00-14:05  Welcome
Hervé Dombret (Paris), Gert Ossenkoppele (Amsterdam), Jorge Sierra (Barcelona), Wendy Stock (Chicago)

14:05-14:50 Keynote lecture
Chair: Gert Ossenkoppele (Amsterdam)
Interactive Live Discussion at 14:40

14:50-17:00 Session I: Diagnosis and rare diseases
Chairs: Paresh Vyas (Oxford), Wendy Stock (Chicago)
Interactive Live Panel Discussion at 16:30

17:10-19:00 Session II: Measurable Residual Disease (MRD)
Chairs: Sylvie Freeman (Birmingham), Gert Ossenkoppele (Amsterdam)
Interactive Live Discussion at 18:30

19:10-20:10 Mentored Poster Walk
Leaders: Sylvie Freeman (Birmingham), Adriano Venditti (Rome)

Highlights of Day 2
14:10-16:10 Session III: Leukaemia treatment dilemmas
Chairs: Hervé Dombret (Paris), Richard Stone (Boston)

Interactive Live Panel Discussion at 15:40

16:20-17:15 Debate 1: Intensive chemotherapy for older fit patients
Chair: Fahrad Ravandi (Houston)

Interactive Live Discussion at 16:55

17:15-18:10 Roundtable 1: MRD level before transplant
Chair: Charles Craddock (Birmingham)

Interactive Live Discussion at 17:50

18:20-19:30  3 Simultaneous Meet the Expert sessions
- FLT3inhibition and other targeted treatment

Jordi Esteve (Barcelona), Richard Stone (Boston)
- Molecular heterogeneity of AML
Lars Bullinger (Berlin), Elli Papaemmanuil (New York)
- Less intensive therapy in AML
Lionel Adès (Paris), Gail Roboz (New York)

Highlights of Day 3
12:00-14:00 Session IV: Leukaemia treatment challenges
Chairs: Gail Roboz (New York), Gert Ossenkoppele (Amsterdam)
Interactive Live Panel Discussion at 13:30

15:25-16:35 Roundtable 2: Ph-positive ALL
Chair: Nicola Gökbuget (Frankfurt)

Interactive Live Discussion at 16:15

16:35-17:30 Debate 2: CAR T-cell for ALL patients
Chair: Hervé Dombret (Paris)

Interactive Live Discussion at 17:10

17:40-19:40 Session V: Immune therapies to treat leukaemia patients
Chairs: John DiPersio (Saint-Louis), Adriano Venditti (Rome)

Interactive Live Discussion at 19:10

19:50-20:50  3 Simultaneous Meet the Expert sessions
- Use of asparaginase in adults with ALL

Nicola Gökbuget (Frankfurt), Josep Ribera (Barcelona)
- Treatment of adolescent and young adults with ALL
Rob Pieters (Utrecht), Wendy Stock (Chicago)
- Treatment of relapsed AML
Charles Craddock (Birmingham), Christian Récher (Toulouse)


Highlights of Day 4

10:25-12:35 Session VI: Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Chairs: Jorge Sierra (Barcelona), Robert Zeiser (Freiburg)
Interactive Live Panel Discussion at 12:05

12:35-12:40  Closing remarks

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About the E-Conference:

ESH How to Diagnose and Treat meetings are disease-specific meetings that address state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical management which is greatly facilitated by and discussion of real clinical cases. An important incentive will be to promote interaction between the speakers and participants.

Novel and still evolving insights into the biology and diagnosis of acute leukaemias, including acute myeloid leukaemias (AMLs) and acute lymphoblastic leukaemias (ALL), has resulted in new drug approvals and new therapeutic options to treat newly-diagnosed as well as relapsed/refractory disease.

The programme of this “3rd How to Diagnose and Treat: Acute Leukaemias” meeting will integrate of genomic analysis and cutting-edge technics in routine diagnosis, gene mutation-directed therapies and new standard treatment algorithms, allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell (HSCT) transplantation and innovative immunotherapies, as well as diagnosis and management of rare acute leukaemia subtypes.

Participants will be joining us from all over the world and from different time zones.
To make sure that everyone has access to the full scientific programme
at a convenient hour, registration will allow participants to join both
the LIVE PROGRAMME: March 10-13, 2022 and the PROGRAMME ON-DEMAND: March 1 - April 13, 2022

The "live programme" will be streamed live CET time.
It will include Meet the Expert sessions,
interactive panel discussions, Q&A periods and Mentored Poster Walks.
It will also include some pre-recorded lectures that will be streamed live,
followed by their corresponding fully live Q&A period.

The “Programme on-demand” is now available.
It will initially include the pre-recorded components of the scientific programme.
It will be progressively enriched by the meeting’s live, interactive components which will be recorded real time during the meeting.

March 1 - April 13, 2022
The Poster Hall will also remain open until April 13, 2022.
The Mentored Poster Walks scheduled in the LIVE PROGRAMME will also
become available in the PROGRAMME ON-DEMAND

March 1 - April 13, 2022
We invite you to visit the Exhibition area as of March 1, 2022.
Our corporate partners will be pleased to welcome & chat with you.

Symposia organized independently by our corporate partners in conjunction with the ESH E-Conference will also be available both Live and On Demand as described above, from March 1 - April 13, 2022.

The E-Conference has been reviewed and approved for CME-CPD accreditation by EBAH.
The EBAH has approved this educational activity for a maximum number of 10,5 CME-CPD credits

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