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International Conference The Management of Haematological Malignancies

Chairs: S. Benchekroun, T. Facon, P. Fenaux, A. Quessar

SESSION I – Diagnostic and prognostic tools in haematological malignancies in 2015
Cytogenetic analysis – S. Raynaud
Flow cytometry – V. Bardet
Molecular biology: somatic mutations, expression profiles – S. Raynaud
Imaging techniques – C. Haioun

SESSION II – Multiple myeloma and related disorders
APL and its treatment – R. Jeddi
Macroglobulinemia, amyloidosis – A. Jaccard

SESSION III – Lymphomas
Prognostic factors and treatment of indolent lymphomas – C. Thieblemont
Management of Hodgkin’s disease – P. Brice
Non hodgkin’s lymphoma in children – C. Patte

SESSION IV – Chronic lymphoid leukaemia and related disorders
Prognosis and treatment of CLL – E. Montserrat

SESSION V – Acute myeloid leukaemia
Role of biology in the management of acute leukaemias – C. Preudhomme
Treatment of AML – H. Dombret
Prognostic factors and treatment of adult aggressive lymphomas – A. Bosly
Prognostic factors and treatment of myeloma – T. Facon

SESSION VI – Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Treatment of adult ALL – H. Dombret

SESSION VII – Chronic myeloid leukaemia
Role of biology in the management of CML – C. Preudhomme
Treatment of CML – P. Rousselot

SESSION VIII – Myelodysplastic syndromes and related disorders
Management of MDS – P. Fenaux

SESSION IX – Myeloproliferative disorders (other than CML)
Management of acute leukaemias with more limited resources – A. Quessar
Management of PV and ET – E. Lippert
Idiopathic myelofibrosis – J.L. Demory

SESSION X – Stem cell transplantation
Autologous SCT: stem cell collection, storing, thawing – N. Parquet
Autologous SCT in lymphoid malignancies: management – A. Bekadja
Histocompatibility in allo SCT: familial and non familial donors – N. Milpied
Allogeneic SCT in myeloid malignancies – N. Milpied
Allogeneic SCT in lymphoid malignancies – N. Milpied
Complications of allo SCT – E. Gluckman
Cord blood transplantation – E. Gluckman

SESSION XI – Supportive care in haematological malignancies
Management of infection in neutropenic patients – C. Cordonnier
Transfusion therapy – P. Bierling
Hematopoietic growth factors – V. Santini