ESH Video


Session I. Biology of HSCT

  • Stem Cells in haematology; from definition to function by C. Le Bousse-Kerdiles
  • Immunological aspects of HSCT by A. Madrigal
  • The stem cell product by C. Chabannon
  • The best donor/unit by B. Shaw
  • Session II. General Aspects

    1. Current Ethical Issues in HSCT by C. Chaplin
    2. EBMT organization and activities A. Madrigal
    3. Bone marrow or peripheral blood? Pros and Cons M. Mohty
    4. Cord Blood or Haploidentical ? Pros and cons by E. Gluckman

    Session III. Procedures

    1. Conditioning : myeloblative versus reduced intensity by P. Dreger
    2. Supportive Care by T Masszi
    3. Comorbidities by E. Carreras

    Session IV. Complications

    1. Early Complications by E. Carreras
    2. Late complications by A. Tichelli

    Session V. Infections

    1. Keynote Lecture: Fungal Infections by P. Donnelly
    2. Bacterial infections by E. Carreras
    3. Viral Infections by M. Rovira

    Session VI. Graft versus host disease

    1. Acute graft versus host disease by J. Apperley
    2. Chronic graft versus host disease by T. Masszi
    3. Immune reconstitution after HSCT by J.H.F. Falkenburg

    Session VII. Clinical results of HSCT

    1. Statistical Analysis (theory) by R. Szydlo and M. Labopin
    2. Bone marrow stroma: biology and therapeutic exploitations by E. Dazzi
    3. Role of monitoring Minimal Residual Disease to prevent relapse by H. Cavé and A. Ruggeri
    4. Acute Myeloid Leukaemia by M. Mohty
    5. Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia in adults by M. Mohty
    6. Acute lymphocytic Leukaemia in children by G. Dini
    7. Adolescent and childhood aspects of HSCT by G. Dini
    8. Indolent NHL by H. Schouten
    9. Severe Aplastic Anaemias by A. Tichelli

    Session VIII. Clinical results

    1. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia by P. Dreger
    2. Hodgkin’s Disease by A. Sureda
    3. Multiple Myelomaby M. Rovira
    4. Myelodysplastic syndrome by T. Pagliuca
    5. Agressive NHL by H. Schouten
    6. Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia/ Myeloproliferative neoplasms by J. Apperley