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ESH Eleventh International Conference CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKAEMIA - Biological Basis of Therapy

ESH Eleventh International Conference CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKAEMIA - Biological Basis of Therapy
September 11 - September 13, 2009 - Bordeaux, France
Chairs :



Friday, September 11, 2009
08h00-08h05 Opening session
J. Reiffers (Bordeaux)
08h05-08h10 Welcome and introduction J. Goldman (London)
08h10-08h40 ICMLF Inaugural Lecture - Chairs: J. Reiffers (Bordeaux) and J.Goldman (London)

08h10-08h40 TKIs now but what next? B. Druker (Portland)
Sessiom 1

Activated kinases in MPDs - Chair: P. Laneuville (Montreal)


TET2 alterations in the multistep onset of myeloproliferative disorders

F. Delhommeau (Paris)
08h55-09h05 Structural positioning of the SH2 domain is critical in BCR- ABL leukemogenesis
O. Hantschel (Vienna)
09h05-09h15 Point mutations in PDGF RA in myeloproliferative disease S. Koschmieder (Muenster)
09h15-09h25 Jak2 regulates Bcr-Abl signaling R. Arlinghaus (Houston)
09h25-09h40 Discussion
Session 2 Molecular events in CP - Chair: P. Valent (Vienna)
09h40 - 11h20

Which molecular events are really "initiating?"

M. Deininger (Portalnd))
09h55-10h05 Th Myb gne in leukemogenesis A. Gewirtz (Philadelphia)
10h05-10h15 CHIP works with Hsc-70 co-chaperone to degrade BCR-ABL Y. Maru (Tokyo)
10h15-10h25 Wnt-β-catenin signalling A. Abrahamsson (San Diego)
10h25-10h35 Blockage of GSK3b promotes sensitivity of Ph+LSC to Bcr-Abl inhibition G. Gambacorti (Monza)
10h35-10h45 Reactivation of PP2A inhibits self renewal in CD34+ CML cells D. Perrotti (Columbus)

Involvement of FANCD2 in BCR-ABL mediated transformation

T. Stoklosa (Philadelphia)
11h20 - 11h40 Break


Session 3

Molecular events in advanced phase - Chair: J. Griffin (Boston)

11h40 - 12h50

Which molecular events really underlie progression?

D. Perrotti (Columbus)
11h55-12.05 Loss of miR-328 may promotes progression from CP to AP A. Eiring (Columbus)


Ph-neg high risk ALL resembling Ph+ ALL

C. Mullighan (Memphis)
12h15-12h25 Whole genome sequencing of Ph-positive ALL I. Iacobucci (Bologna)
12h25-12h35 BCR and BCR-ABL regulation during myeloid differentiation in CML and normal persons M. Marega (Monza)
12h50 - 14h15

Buffet luch and poster viewing

Session 4
14h15 - 15h15
Panel and Poster discussion (1) - Chair: J. Radich (Seattle)
Selected topics from posters
ROS and reactive nitrogen species in CML E. Bolton (Philadelphia)
Rac'n Roll and Not Rock'n Roll: A new RhoA pathway to trigger amoeboid motily N. Bourmeyster (Poitiers)
Functional p53 is required for effective telomerase inhibition in BCR-ABL positive CML cell's T. Brummendorf (Aachen)
Computational and experimental characterization of two nuclear localizaton signals and a nuclear export signal that may modulate BCR intracellular localization A. Fiddio (Catania)
Sts-1 is a novel interactor of Bcr-Abl and possible negative regulator of Bcr-Abl activity and leukemogenesis I. Kaupe (Vienna)
Glyoxalase-L induction during hypoxia adaptation is a novel target in CML stem Cells T. Maekawa (Kyoto)
Overexpression and phosphorylation of eLF4E is required for β -catenin activation in blast crisis Chronic Myelogenous Leukaemia T. Ong (Singapure)
Session 5 Genomic instability - Chair: J. V. Melo (Adelaide)
15h15 - 15h30

Introducer: Molecular basis of genomic instability

T. Skorski (Philadelphia)
15h30-15h40 B-cell mutator AID promotes B lymphoid blast crisis M. Muschen (Los Angeles)
15h40-15h50 Mitochondrial origin of intracellular ROS in CML M. Sattler (Boston)
15h50-16h00 Hematopoietic stem cell quiescence promotes error prone DNA repair and mutagenesis E. Passegué (San Francisco)
16h00-16h10 Alternative NHEJ is a novel therapeutic target in a subset of imatinib resistant CML patiens F. Rassool (Baltimore)
16h10-16h20 Results of SNP-arrays in various phases S. Soverini (Bologna)
16h20-16h30 Discussion
16h30 - 17h00

Break with poster viewing

Session  6 Leukemia stem cells - Chair: C. Eaves (Vancouver)
17h00 - 17h15

Defining and target LSC

T. Holyoake (Glasgow)
17h15-17h25 NUP98-HOXA10 expands CML-CP stem cells I. Sloma (Vancouver)
17h25-17h35 Effects of IFNα on LSC M. Essers (Heidelberg)
17h35-17h45 Smo inhibition to eradicate LSC G. Martinelli (Bologna)
17h45-17h55 How CML stem cells escape imatinib J. Wang (San Diego)
17h55-18h05 Targeting CML stem/progenitor cells by combining new ABL and JAK inhibitors X. Jiang (Vancouver)
18h05-18h30 Discussion
Saturday, September 12, 2009
08h00 - 08h15

Plenary presentation: The real role of JAK2-V617F- T. Green (Cambridge)

Session  7 Animal models- Chair: F. Frassoni (Genoa)
08h15 - 08h30

Can murine models still be improved?

R. van Etten (Boston)
08h30-08h40 Stem cell transformation by BCR-ABL R. Bhatia (Los Angeles)
08h40-08h50 Results with stat-5 conditional knockout mice C. Walz (Boston)
08h50-09h00 Regulation of CML progression by the cell fate determinant Numb T. Ito (Durham)
09h00-09h10 Generation of an in vivo BCR-ABL T315I embryonic stem cell leukemia model M. Melkus (Poitiers)
09h10-09h20 Novel molecular pathways in LSC using mouse models S. Li (Boston)
09h20-09h30 Discussion
Session 8 Immunobiology - Chair: R. Hehlmann (Mannheim)
09h30 - 09h45

How and when to use immunotherapy?

R. Clark (Liverpool)

Effetcs of TKIs on "normal" immune responses

K. Rezvani (London)
09h55-10h05 Expansion of functional pre-existing memory T- cells during treatment S. Mustjoki (Helsinki)
10h05-10h15 Ex vivo expanded NK cells to target quiescent LSC A. Yong (Bethesda)


10h30 - 11h15 Break with poster viewing
Session 9 Mechanisms underlying resistance to TKIs - Chair: F. Cervantes (Barcelona)
11h15 - 13h00 Which mechanisms are important A. Hochhaus  (Jena)
11h30-11h40 FoxO involvement in CML D. Cilloni (Torino)

Changes in miR induced by IM in vivo

S. Flamant (Vancouver)
11h50-12h00 MDR polymorphisms J. Cornelissen (Rotterdam)
12h00-12h10 Glucocorticoid induced leucine zipper overcomes TKI resistance B. Quesnel (Lille)
12h10-12h20 Resistance profile of bosutinib using a high through put sequencing assay R. Piazza (Milan)
12h20-12h30 PLK1 as a novel target in CML: overriding TKL resistance with a PLK1 inhibitor K. Gleixner (Vienna)
12h30-12h40 Combination therapy and mechanism of resistance to the combined BCR-ABL and pan-aurora kinase inhibitor PHA739358 S. Balabanov (Hamburg)
12h40-13h00 Discussion
13h00 - 14h30

LUNCH with poster viewing

Session 10

Panel & poster Discussion - Chair: J. Goldman

14h30 - 15h30 Selected topics from posters
Imatinib induces cisplatin hypersensitivity W. Aulizky (Stuttgart)
BCR-ABL 1 oncogene down-regulates the expression of OCT1 in CML A. Bazeos (London)
Development of a high-troughput liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) assay to measure intracellular level of Imatinib, N-desmethyl-Imatinib and Nilotinib L. Busque (Montreal)
Loss of LKZF1 or PAX5 simulates human leukemia R.I. Collins Underwood (Memphis)
Abnormal Ph-negative hematopoiesis in patients responding to TKIs C. Lobetti (Torino)
Decreased levels of Shp1 promote Ph+ cell survival C. Quintarelli (Naples)
The functional activity of the OCT-1 protein is predictive of long-term outcome in CP-CML patients treated with Imatinib: A 5 year update of TIDEL data D. White (Adelaide)
Session 11

Clinical results of TKIs - Chair: M. Baccarani (Bologna)

15h30 - 15h45

Future prospects

T. Hughes (Adelaide)
15h45-15h55 IM plus pegylated IFN-α D. Réa (Paris)
15h55-16h05 KD mutations during second line TKI therapy S. Branford (Adelaide)
16h05-16h15 Factors that determine the optimal of molecular response D. Marin (London)
16h15-16h25 Imatinib longterm effects study in CML C. Gambacorti (Monza)
16h25-16h35 STIM update F.-X. Mahon (Bordeaux)


Sunday, September 13, 2009
Session 12

New therapeutic approaches - Chair: J. Apperley (London)

08h30 - 08h45

Introducer: Where next?

J. Cortes (Houston)
08h45-08h55 Front-line use of dasatinib and nilotinib G. Rosti (Bologna)
08h55-09h05 A new inhibitor of T315l J. Griffin (Boston)
09h05-09h15 Forskolin of FTY720 for CML in advances phase D. Perrotti (Columbus)
09h15-09h25 Inhibiting autophagy P. Salomoni (Leicester)
Session 13 The next decade - Chair: R. Silver (New York)
10h00 - 10h15

Appropriate endpoints for RCTs with imatinib and newer TKLs

S. O'Brien (Newcastle)

1. Do we need to target quiescent stem cells?
For - T. Holyoake (Glasgow)
Against - J. Goldman (London)

10h45-11h15 2. Do we need molecular monitoring for FISH-negative patients?
Against - G. Saglio (Bologna)
For - C. Schiffer (Detroit)
What does the future hold? J. Goldman (London)
12H00 End of the meeting

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