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6th Estoril Translational Research Conference: Lymphoid Malignancies

6th Estoril Translational Research Conference: Lymphoid Malignancies
October 15 - October 17, 2021 - Estoril, Portugal
Chairs : Michael Hallek, Georg Lenz, Laurie Sehn, Louis Staudt


6th ESH Estoril Translational Research Conference
Estoril Congress Center, Estoril, Portugal – October 15-17, 2021
Chairs: Michael Hallek (Cologne), Georg Lenz (Münster), Laurie Sehn (Vancouver), Louis Staudt (Bethesda)

Advisory Board: Barbara Eichhorst (Cologne), Ricardo Dalla-Favera (New-York), Frank Morschhauser (Lille), Laura Pasqualucci (New York), Stephan Stilgenbauer (Ulm), Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko (Philadelphia)


The conference will cover all aspects of CLL, indolent and aggressive lymphoma from molecular pathogenesis to state-of-the-art treatment, from educational lectures to top-notch science in this very rapidly moving field. The goal of this conference is to foster scientific exchange between laboratory scientists and clinicians working on lymphoid malignancies worldwide. It is also to offer a unique educational and international networking opportunity to all attendees, including young trainees in haematology, the future leaders in the field. Finally, the meeting will foster the scientific cross-fertilization of different researchers and clinicians working on diseases with partially overlapping pathogenic mechanisms such as the B cell receptor signaling, alterations of the DNA damage response, or the increasingly important dialogue of lymphoid tumor cells with their microenvironment. A first-class selection of international speakers will guarantee the highest quality of science and a summary of the most recent developments in the biology and therapy indolent and aggressive B cell lymphoma including CLL.


  • Current developments of molecular pathogenesis of indolent and aggressive B cell lymphoma including CLL
  • Range of prognostic and predictive markers and their impact in specific clinical situations
  • Evolution of treatment principles in indolent and aggressive B cell lymphoma including CLL
  • Development of promising new agents targeting disease biology


  • B-cell development and lymphomagenesis
  • Genetics of malignant lymphomas and clonal evolution
  • Epigenetics in malignant lymphomas
  • Deregulated proteome and metabolome
  • Single cell analyses, circulating tumor DNA, MRD
  • Oncogenic signaling pathways
  • Utilizing oncogenic signaling therapeutically
  • Immunologic approaches in the treatment of lymphomas

The programme will include:

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Simultaneous Meet the Experts Sessions
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Brief Oral Communications
  • Poster Walks
  • Ample time for in-depth discussion

Abstract submission


Abstracts are eligible to be selected for an oral or a poster presentation.


  • Your abstract can be structured (eg Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions) or unstructured. 
  • Maximum number of words: 500 
  • Your abstract will be submitted to peer review.





Estoril Congress Center
Av. Amaral,
2765-192 Estoril, Portugal

Estoril is located on the Portuguese coast at about a half hour drive from Lisbon International airport (

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