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4th Scientific Workshop: the Haematological Tumour Microenvironment and its Therapeutic Targeting

4th Scientific Workshop: the Haematological Tumour Microenvironment and its Therapeutic Targeting
February 05 - February 07, 2023 - London, United Kingdom - #ESHMICRO2023
Chairs : Dominique Bonnet, Marina Konopleva, Daniela S. Krause, Simon Mendez-Ferrer


4th Scientific Workshop: 
The Haematological Tumour Microenvironment and its Therapeutic Targeting

February 5-7, 2023
The Francis Crick Institute – London, United Kingdom

Chairs: Dominique Bonnet, Marina Konopleva, Daniela S. Krause, Simon Méndez-Ferrer


Programme Summary:

This workshop offers highest-level science on the nature of the normal and malignant haemopoietic stem cell niche. It also aims to present strategies to target haematological cancers in their tumour microenvironment, thereby combining basic research efforts with possible clinical applications. It is designed to promote scientific interaction between participants from all over the world, involving junior and senior biologists and clinicians working in both the academic and industrial settings.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit points will be awarded to physicians for the time they will spend at the meeting improving their knowledge and skills. ESH is a provider of the European Hematology CME system.

Posters and Brief Oral Communications:

Registered participants are invited to submit their Biology and Clinical abstracts. Selected abstracts will be presented as brief oral communications or posters.

This meeting will be valuable for you if you are looking for:

  • Opportunity for lively discussions with leading and international experts, networking and forming of collaborations
  • Informative and interactive Meet-the-expert-sessions
  • Panel discussions with the experts and audience members
  • Talks on novel data by outstanding speakers of international calibre

This meeting will be of interest to:

  • Junior and senior biologists and clinicians (MD, PhD, MD-PhD)
  • Residents and biologists still in-training
  • Technologists
  • Representatives from industry

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the impact of the niche on haematopoietic development and ageing of haematopoietic stem cells
  • Describe factors such as metabolism and inflammation/infection influencing the niche and, consequently, haematopoietic stem cells
  • The niche in myeloid and lymphoid malignancies
  • The impact of immune cells and immunotherapy on the niche
  • Concepts and strategies to target haematological malignancies in the niche


  • Normal Haemopoietic stem cell niche
  • The bone marrow niche under stress and regeneration
  • The bone marrow niche in myeloid malignancies
  • Metabolism
  • The bone marrow niche in lymphoid malignancies
  • Immune cells and immunotherapy
  • Preclinical and clinical studies to target bone marrow niche


The programme will include:

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Keynote Lectures
  • Simultaneous Meet the Expert Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Poster Presentations
  • Short Oral Communications


CLICK HERE to access the preliminary programme.

Abstract submission


Abstracts guidelines:
– Your abstract has to be structured (eg Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions)
– Maximum number of words: 500
– Your abstract will be submitted to the peer review procedure.

The following file types may be uploaded: HTML document (*.htm), HTML document (*.html), JPEG image (*.jpg), GIF image (*.gif), or PNG image (*.png).




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The registration fee for the ESH 4th Scientific Workshop: The Haematological Tumour Microenvironment and its Therapeutic Targeting is:

– 600€ for fully trained

– 300€ for in-training *

– 300€ Allied Health Professionals

– 600€ for Corporate

*A proof will be requested to confirm your status.

This fee includes:

Your seat in the Conference Room

The conference materials,

Welcome cocktail, luncheons, refreshments throughout the conference.

Your seat in the conference will be definitively reserved upon receipt of your fee.


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