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The European School of Haematology is pleased to present this free, online educational tool for haematologists and other clinicians involved in the care of patients with immune thrombocytopenia, which has now received accreditation from the European Union of Medical Specialists/European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (UEMS-EACCME). The field of immune thrombocytopenia has rapidly evolved over the past few years, giving rise to the need for continuing medical education. This series of lectures is presented by international experts and provides a thorough review of ITP, including the latest advances in the treatment and management of patients with immune thrombocytopenia.

1. The Curriculum in Iron Metabolism and Related Disorders

ESH is pleased to present this free online educational tool for haematologists and other clinicians involved in the care of patients with iron metabolism disorders.  This high-level comprehensive Programme features the very latest information about iron metabolism and the management of related disorders in four distinctive, progressive curricula which build upon each other, and are designed to help you provide state-of-the-science treatment to improve your patients’ outcomes.

2. Eurocord-Ed

The European Commission awarded a grant to EUROCORD and the European School of Haematology to develop a comprehensive online training tool in the field of umbilical cord blood biology. This project named EUROCORD-ED brings together many major European partners including EHA, NETCORD, the European Network of cord blood banks, the EBMT, the cord blood banks in Milan, Madrid, Leiden and Athens, basic science research groups and the companies Biostór Ireland, Macopharma and Alcimed. The EUROCORD-ED project aims to inform and educate all the vocational actors involved in the field: laboratory scientists, technicians, clinicians, transplant physicians, obstetricians, midwives and biotechnology companies involved in banking, research, and the clinical analysis of cord blood and ICT. EUROCORD-ED also aims to inform future parents, and to support health policy decision makers. All establishments involved in cord blood processing now need to be licensed and people need to be trained in the requirements of the Directives and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This project will build on previous European Commission grants awarded to EUROCORD and ESH related to training, mobility and quality control in the healthcare setting.

The Curriculum in Iron Metabolism and Related Disorders
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