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How to Diagnose and Treat CML/MPN

How to Diagnose and Treat CML/MPN
March 08 - March 10, 2019 - Saggart, Ireland
Chairs : Claire Harrison, Andreas Hochhaus, Ruben Mesa


Clinical Updates on CML/MPN
March 8-10, 2019
Saggart (Dublin), Ireland
Chairs: Claire Harrison, Andreas Hochhaus, Ruben Mesa

ESH Clinical Updates are disease-specific meetings that address state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical management.

They are based on the presentation and analysis of real clinical cases. Voting technology is used as a self-evaluation tool and to increase scientific interaction.

This programme will include:
– Plenary Sessions
– Interactive Cases Presentations
– Roundtables
– Panel Discussions
– Debates
– Voting boxes


To see the last version of the programme, please click here

Abstract submission


Please send your clinical case in a .doc format to the following email address: and

Check that you do receive an acknowledgement of your submitted clinical case. If not, contact

 Please find below the clinical cases guidelines:

  • Your clinical case can be structured (eg Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions) or unstructured
  • Maximum number of words: 400
  • Your clinical case will be submitted to the peer review procedure
  • Your clinical case must be sent by email in a .doc format
  • Your clinical case should contain the following information:

    1. Title (capital letters)
    2. Authors with name of presenting author under-scored
    3. Name and e-mail of corresponding author
    4. Institution and city of origin
    5. Text
    6. Acknowledgements (if necessary) (no references please)





The conference will take place at the Citywest Hotel, located in Saggart, which is at a 25-minute drive from Dublin City Centre and Airport. As a consequence we strongly recommend that you book accommodation & dinners at the Citywest hotel.

In order to benefit from special conference rates please book your hotel accommodation through the hotel website after registration:

Information pending


Citywest Hotel
Saggart, Co. Dublin, Ireland

Garters Ln, Saggart, Co. Dublin, D24 KF8A, Irlande

The hotel is located a mere 25 minutes away from Dublin City Centre and Airport.

Click here for Directions, Transport and Parking
(There is a Luas light-rail stop next to the hotel, which will take you to the City Centre in 30 minutes).

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The registration fee for the How to Diagnose and Treat CML/MPN is:
– 600€  for fully trained
– 300€ for in-training

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This fee includes:
Your seat in the Conference Room
The conference materials,
Welcome cocktail, luncheons, refreshments throughout the conference.

Your seat in the conference will be definitively reserved upon receipt of your fee.

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