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20th Annual John Goldman Conference on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Biology and Therapy
Chairs: Daniela S. Krause, Jorge Cortes, Tim P. Hughes
4th Annual International Conference on New Concepts in Lymphoid Malignancies: Focus on Aggressive Lymphomas
Chairs: Franck Morschhauser, Georg Lenz, Laurie Sehn
4th International Conference on Multiple Myeloma
Chairs: Kenneth C. Anderson, Maria Victoria Mateos, Philippe Moreau
3rd Scientific Workshop on Tumour Microenvironment in the Haematological Malignancies and its Therapeutic Targeting
Chairs: Dominique Bonnet, Daniela S. Krause, Simon Mendez-Ferrer
Clinical Updates on CML/MPN
Chairs: Andreas Hochhaus, Claire Harrison, Ruben Mesa
Multiple Myeloma Hub Let's keep in touch! Clinical Updates on Acute Leukemias
Multiple Myeloma Hub
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20th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy